There are currently some issues with the native app on iOS and Android. Very shortly we will be releasing Bike Bays 2.0. For early access you can make a new account at and use online.

What Borough Am I In?

In London it is surprisingly difficult to work out which borough you are in. While creating London Bike Bays we realised providing motorcycle parking regulations by borough was almost pointless if we didn’t have a way to identify your borough when you’re on the streets.

So we created what borough am I in?
If you’re on a mobile network and allow your mobile browser to use location, a pin will drop on the map of London boroughs. This works from any internet connection but is most accurate using mobile data.

Select your area to see Borough details and use our motorcycle parking map or mobile app to search and navigate to bays.

You can also simply view motorcycle parking regulations for every borough.

Happy parking,
London Bike Bays