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Motorcycle Bays – Stats for London

To create our parking maps for motorcycles and scooters we have collected data on location, size of the bay, the cost, security features and any provisions for electric charging. All of our data is also sorted by Borough, which indicates the local council who manage it.

Sorting this data we get some valuable insights into two-wheeled parking in London.

  • Borough with most bays
    Westminster (390 bays at the time of writing)
  • Borough with least bays
    Newham, Lewisham and Barking & Dagenham all have just 1 solo bay that we know about.

The size of bays is quite important. Firstly it’s a security factor with larger bays meaning your bike is less likely to be knocked over by another vehicle, as well as less likely to be targeted by thieves. Secondly, there’s a higher chance you’ll have a space to park.

We have categorised small solo bays as up to 4 spaces, medium bays as 5 to 7 spaces and large bays as 8 or more spaces. For all of London’s bays (excluding car parks) there are:

  • Small (1 – 4)
    357 bays
  • Medium (5 – 7)
    1057 bays
  • Large (8+)
    549 bays

Security for motorcycles and scooters in London is quite poor on the whole, especially considering the numbers which are stolen each year. Some boroughs however do a good job at providing either a ground anchor or a locking rail to lock your bike to.


  • Total bays with a ground anchor
    279 bays
  • Total bays with a locking rail
    371 bays
  • Total bays with no security features
    1318 bays
  • Most secure borough
    Islington with 95% of bays featuring a locking rail or ground anchor