Bike Bays Plus features


Upgrade to Bike Bays+ to unlock advanced data on all bays, add a search bar & add a filter.

To upgrade, navigate to the INFO tab in the app.

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Bike Bays+

Overview of Features

Motorcycle parking bay size

Size of Bay

We have categorised all motorcycle bays into 4 sizes. The numbers are a guide to how many motorcycles or scooters can park in the space.


  • X-Small (1)
  • Small (2 – 4)
  • Medium (5 – 7)
  • Large (8+)
motorcycle bay security London


Details on security features at each parking bay.

The popup will display if there is a Locking Rail or Ground Anchor to secure your bike to.

London motorcycle cost of parking

Cost of Parking

Select a motorbike bay to see the cost of parking there. The popup will display if it’s free to park, or any details on pricing.

Further restrictions may apply, see street signs for details.

electric motorcycle charging
electric charging bay

Electric Charging

Motorcycle bays with electric charge points will be indicated on the map by the electric icon. The popup will give extra details.

Bay Filter

Filter the Bays

Select the options to show only the bays you want to see on the map.

Filter by size, cost, security and EV charging.

google street view

Street View

All motorcycle bays have a direct link to Google Street View, so you can check out the local area.